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How to - Use the IR-port on RE·BL X
IR port options
The IR port on RE·BL X can be used in several different ways. In normal operation, with no cables/connectors attached to the IR port, the RE·BL X will accept IR commands received on the internal IR receiver through the front window of the plastic casing.

The configuration software can be used to choose between the different modes. By default the RE·BL X "autosense" mode is chosen, and automatically chooses between different input modes. The IR port therefore only needs to be setup using the configuration software, if you want to use the IR repeater mode or wants to make sure that a specific mode is selected.

Keep in mind that the IR port only works when the powersupply is either DC-adaptor or USB (not batteries).

Input from an external IR receiver (IR Eye)
If the RE·BL X must be placed with no "line of sight" from the IR remote, an external IR Eye (3-5Vdc) supporting demodulated signals can be used. Any IR Eye running on 3-5Vdc, with a 3.5mm stereo jack-connector and the following connections: Tip=Vcc, Ring=Signal, Sleeve=Gnd can be used. IR Eyes are also available in the wb_webstore: External IR Receiver.

If the autosense mode is chosen, the internal IR receiver works in parallel with the signal on the IR port. If this is not desirable, choose "external IR demodulated" in the configuration software for the IR port. In this mode, the internal receiver is disabled.

Input from an IR distribution network
RE·BL X can be connected to an existing IR distribution network, from a connection block with 3.5mm mono jack connectors. The IR port supports signals with an amplitude of 2-12Vpp.
Any mono or stereo jack to jack cable (tip-tip - sleeve-sleeve) can be used, for instance: 150cm jack-jack cable and 300cm jack-jack cable.

In this mode the internal IR receiver works in parallel with signals received on the IR port. If this is not desirable, place the RE·BL X out of sight or cover the window.

Output for IR repeater mode
A very interesting feature of the RE·BL X is the ability to use it as an IR receiver, enabling the setup of a local, lowcost IR distribution network. This is particular useful with closed A/V racks, where devices does not have line of sight to the IR remote used.
In IR repeater mode, RE·BL X will retransmit all 36-40kHz* IR commands received on the internal IR receiver, to an IR emitter placed on the IR port. RE·BL X supports single, dual or quad emitters, and using a quad emitter makes it possible to control up to 4 hidden devices. Any blinking or non-blinking emitters with 3,5mm jack connector (positive tip, negative sleeve) can be used. Single emitters and quad emitters are also available in the wb_webstore: Single IR+RED emitter, Quad IR emitter.

The repeater mode works perfectly in parallel with the normal Bluetooth/PS3 functionality. Read more here: How to use the IR repeater mode.

* 36-40kHz covers 90% of all equipment on the market.
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