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The company
WB Electronics specializes in the development and manufacturing of high quality electronic products.

Our products are based on simplicity, reliability and value for money.
This is achieved because our main goal is to develop advanced but easy to use, high quality, low cost software, firmware and microcontroller-based electronics.

We are available for subcontract development and manufacturing of high quality and cost optimized microcontroller-based electronics, software and firmware.
We have extensive experience in development of electronics and firmware / software for the Universal Serial Bus, USB.
We can assist you in migrating your product from RS232 to USB or develop USB-based electronics from the ground up. Our experience also covers web-enabled eletronics and general high-volume cost-optimized consumer electronics.
With our experience we can assist you with everything from idea to final packaged product ready for sale.

Quality is one of our biggest concerns.

We never compromise quality when developing new products. Our products have a very low failure-rate because they are designed with quality and reliability in mind.
Each product is individually tested before leaving the production line to make the failure-rate even lower. All manufacturing and development is done locally in Denmark to raise the level of quality.

As part of our quality assurance we provide direct end-user support, and all WB Electronics products have a 2-year limited warranty covering product defects.

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