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User's manual (web) - User's manual
The RE·BL is an IR to Bluetooth® wireless converter, designed to allow any universal IR remote to control a PS3 system. Using a RE·BL will allow you to fully control DVD/Blu-ray playback and power-on/off a PS3, without the need for any other remote. The RE·BL is easy to setup and only needs to be paired with a PS3 before it is ready for use.
It does however allow for advanced customization of options by connecting the RE·BL to a PC USB port (no drivers required) and using the accompanying PC-software.

  • Full DVD/Blu-ray playback control of PS3.

  • Power on / off control of the PS3.

  • Support for external IR receiver and IR distribution networks for permanent installations.

  • Supports multiple power sources: DC adaptor, USB, battery.

  • Automatic low-power mode for extended battery life.

  • Low-battery indicator.

  • Easy battery-change by removing two o-rings, no screwdriver needed.

  • Power-state sensing of the PS3 via USB connector.

  • Activity LED for user feedback.

  • Configurable IR device code to avoid conflicts between RE·BL and existing SONY DVD players.

  • Customizable macros to execute command sequence on specific IR command incl. predefined power-off macro.

  • Fully firmware upgradeable for future features incl. firmware upgrade or Bluetooth firmware.

  • Driverless USB connection for advanced configuration through PC-software.

  • Multilingual software incl. English, Danish, German, French, Spanish, Italian.

  • Innovative casing design, allowing for easy change of batteries and flexible placement options leaving a small footprint.

In order to use the RE·BL software, the RE·BL must be connected to the PC using a USB 1.1/2.0 cable with a mini-USB connector. The RE·BL uses existing Windows drivers and does not require any additional drivers to be installed before using the software.
If any changes are made to the configuration, they need to be written to the device by pressing the Save button. If factory settings need to be restored, it can be done by selecting the menu option Options > Restore default settings.
This will erase all custom settings and restore them to their default values, including any custom macros which may have been defined.

Settings tab
Enable status LED on IR activity
Selects if the LED should light up when receiving valid IR commands from an IR remote

Flash status LED on low battery level
Selects if the LED should flash shortly to indicate low battery level

IR receiver (Internal / External)
Selects if IR should be received through the internal IR receiver, or through an externally connected IR receiver. If an external IR receiver is used RE·BL must be powered by USB or DC adaptor, not batteries.
Choose between:
- Internal
- External modulated (RE·BL X only)
- External demodulated
- Repeater mode (RE·BL X only)
- Autosense (RE·BL X only)

Power tracking
Selects USB, Internal or no powertracking. Powertracking is a way to make sure that power-on and power-off commands are handled correct.
To learn more about powertracking, see: What is power-tracking and how does it work?

Bluetooth pairing mode (RE·BL X only)
Selects if RE·BL X should initiate Bluetooth pairing during the first 20 seconds of power up, or if it should only pair if it receives an IR buttonpress (key '2').
(If the PS3 is turned off while powering on RE·BL X in Auto pairing mode, the PS3 will turn on because it receives a pairing command. If this behavior is not desired, choose "Manual" mode.)

Macros tab
The macros tab allows the user to define 10 custom macros, which will execute a sequence of commands by activating only one IR command. The power-off macro is a predefined macro, which will execute a power-off sequence which will power off the PS3 by pressing only one button on the IR remote.

Select macro
Selects which of the 10 macros to edit

Selects which IR command to execute

Specifies the time in milliseconds to activate the current command

Specifies the time in milliseconds to pause until the next command should be sent

The default button resets the currently selected macro to its default values

IR device code tab
By default the RE·BL responds to IR codes from the device code SONY DVD1a, but this can be changed to any SONY device code. For ease, it is possible to select the most common used device codes directly from the selection box. Make sure that you have a remote that transmits the selected codes, or the RE·BL will not respond.
If you have an existing SONY DVD player that conflicts with the default RE·BL device code, change the device code from DVD1a to DVD2a in the selection box and press Save. In the Harmony Remote software, add a new device with the model name RE·BL DVD2a to allow control of a RE·BL with the IR device code DVD2a.
A custom IR device code can be entered by selecting the Custom entry from the selection box, and entering the code manually.

Install module tab
Allows for future features to be downloaded as a firmware upgrade.

Changing or removing batteries
Batteries are removed by removing the two o-rings, lift the covers apart (no screwdriver is needed) and lift the batteries from the battery-holder.

Replace batteries with type 2 x “AA alkaline” (LR6).
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